Frequently Asked Questions

1. What services does the ESHClub offer to develop my business sustainability strategy? 

We offer education and training for professionals in the hospitality industry, improving their knowledge about sustainability issues. Besides that, our platform contains different strategic documentation to help hospitality employees to reach their individual and group goals in terms of sustainability. Handbooks with best practices are offered to our members according to the kind of establishment that they manage. 

2. What areas of sustainability does the ESHClub cover?

 As one of the key institutions in Europe aiming for sustainable development in the hospitality industry, we cover environmental issues –resources management, and tech solutions, social issues –employees wellbeing, community engagement, and governance - non-financial reporting support, to empower businesses to develop actions to improve their positive impact. 

3. What are the optimisations costs and profit of becoming a regenerative and sustainable business model?

On the one hand, one of the main advantages is reducing staff rotation costs, as well as operating, resources and materials costs –optimized through energy efficiency and repurposing or upcycling–. On the other hand, becoming a sustainable business increases asset value and market share over time. At the same time, it improves the reputation and the perceived image of the brand

4. What requirements do I have to meet to become a member?

The requirements to be a member of the Club are simple:

  • The company has to be a Hospitality Business –Accommodation services, Restaurant group, asset management companies, s, hotel management companies, etc.

  • Management (owners) have to be willing and committed to transform their company to be a force for good. 

5. What is the monthly strategy call?

Is one of the perks that you get choosing any of our memberships. In the course of one hour, we’ll discuss your goals, any current sustainability activities, biggest growth opportunities, and strategies that can help accelerate your impact. You’ll also get key insights to create effective management systems. We offer support to in house teams on finding resources, choosing right entities and identifying creative solutions to current challenges.

6. What is the online training?

The ESHClub offers an online academy to empower leaders to thrive. The courses are designed to help employees to develop industry-relevant skills that allow them to overcome challenges daily. We share courses on the three dimensions of sustainability and for three different categories: Entry level - Leadership - Owners. You’ll find more about it in our Memberships Page.

7. What is the onsite training?

Onsite training consists of tailored modules for hospitality companies to help them leverage their potential transforming their company into a regenerative business model. Onsite training is scheduled to cater to the company’s needs. Thus,  HR and L&D professionals plan onsite training according to employees' availability.  Courses include c-suite, mid-level executives, and entry-level modules. 

8. What is the Leadership Program?

For the properties choosing the Executive Membership, we develop bespoke learning and development programs for hospitality industry regional training managers, hotel management companies and commercial property investment firms on the three dimensions of sustainability.

9. Does the ESHClub offer courses on sustainability for companies that are not members of the ESHClub?

Yes, we do provide onsite and online training for industry companies even if they are not members. You can request more information at

10. Does the ESHClub offer a certificate to member companies?

Even though we are not a certifying institution, the ESHClub offers a badge to the active club members. This badge doesn’t recognise the sustainability performance of the hospitality business members and it's only a representation of their adhesion to the ESHClub. Nevertheless, from the ESHClub we can guide you to the best industry and renowned certification bodies and companies so you can get certified.

11. My company offers sustainable products for the hospitality industry. How can I collaborate with the ESHClub?

We are always looking for new innovative and sustainable providers for our hotel members. If your company manufactures or trades with sustainable products and/or services, we would love to get to know you and tell you more about the possibilities of becoming a ESHClub trusted partner.