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Updated: Aug 22, 2020

The plan REBIRTH OF SPANISH TOURISM 2020-2023, has the objective of overcoming the emergency situation in which the sector lives with income 0 and the concatenation of various measures and actions with the aim of saving the sector and being able to emerge stronger from this crisis of health.

Tourism will be the most affected sector and various factors place the activities of the tourism value chain in a condition of maximum vulnerability compared to the rest of the sectors of the Spanish economy. This is due to:

  • The lockdown of the mobility of people with measures to fight the virus that prevents travel unlike construction, industry and many other services.

  • Tourist services cannot be memorized;

  • The opening of borders and the international mobility of people will be the last phase;

  • Loss of household income as a result of reduced employment and activity will limit your travel expenses.

Therefore, tourism must be subject to various restrictions and levels of health security. Each of the phases will require a series of different actions, with different objectives depending on the factors that condition the reality of tourism activity in the coming months, which must be fully elaborated within a strategy, with a state vision:

Phase 1. Save and / or ensure the greater survival of the tourism business fabric;

Phase 2. Gradual opening of facilities and recovery of operations and sales;

Phase 3. Strategy to consolidate and reinforce a more sustainable tourist competitiveness.

Certain strategies are taken into account and implemented for the background in which Spain found itself: the potential scenarios of loss of tourist income in 2020 range from -92.6 billion € to, in an extreme case, -124.2 thousand € million:

Scenario 1 (central) of the beginning of the tourist escalation this summer (part of the expense associated with other years with the trips that the Spanish have made outside of Spain, this summer will take place in national destinations).

Extreme scenario 2: beginning of the tourist escalation at the end of the fourth quarter, which foresees a gradual process of reincorporation of the sectors, in which tourism will not reactivate until the end of the year.

Spain has the highest percentage of Covid-19 infections in its population compared to the main tourist countries, both in the "sun and beach" segment and in Central Europe. The scope of the general measures of the Spanish government is less than that adopted by the main tourist countries.

Another important factor is the support to preserve employment through ERTE applied in Spain is aligned with other European countries, such as Italy or Portugal, although it does not reach the ambitious coverage of other countries, such as the Netherlands or the United Kingdom, which have elected to pay wages directly to companies or pay fixed costs to maintain employment.

Five key working principles for a future REBIRTH of the Spanish tourism sector:

  1. INTELLIGENCE: new metrics based on generating better intelligence on priority objectives specified in indicators on: consumer habits and knowledge, market segmentation, economic profitability, environmental impact,...

  2. STRATEGY: roadmap agreed and led by the Government of Spain for the period 2021-2024 that involves the sector private, CCAA and local authorities, with operational programs of at least 3 years: NEW REBIRTH TOURISM PLAN;

  3. PROFESSIONALISM: for an increasingly technical and depoliticized management that demands the new global challenges of tourism, ensure the viability of incorporating / hiring the best available talent at any level of responsibility to implementation of the plan's actions;

  4. GOVERNANCE: new models and systems for inter-administrative coordination and comprehensive public-private cooperation and co-management that ensure the greatest reciprocal commitments to facilitate greater agility and access to various sources of resources;

  5. EVALUATION: a methodology with clear and concise indicators (KPIs) that allow measuring and contrasting the achievement of desired objectives and guide, in turn, on policies and initiatives to reorient actions, budgets and equipment,..

Promotion of the digitization of companies and tourist destinations:

Drafting of a decided plan to promote digitization in companies and destinations aimed at promoting integration of the value chain, improvement of the tourist experience and management of externalities at destination:ù

1. Plan for the digitization of tourist destinations within the framework of Smart Tourist Destinations;

2. Plan to promote the digitization of the Spanish tourist company;

3. Support plan for tourism entrepreneurship and technology hubs

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