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The ESHClub partners up with the ECO HOTEL SUMMIT

Eco Hotel Investment Summit brings together experts and investors in the field of green finance. It is ideal for those looking to secure funding for eco hospitality projects and it even offers the opportunity to submit a pitch to a panel of investors during the event. Created by World of Glamping, No Footprint Consulting, and Eco Resort Network -Glamping Business Magazine, who are proud members of the Sustainable Event Alliance.

5% of profits from the event will go to Sustainable Travel International. Find out more here

Since 2002, Sustainable Travel International has worked to improve lives and protect places by providing businesses and destinations with the guidance and support they need to responsibly plan for the future.

According to them, the best approach to creating long-term sustainability is through empowerment, providing stakeholders with the direction they need to effectively plan, manage, monitor, and promote their path to safeguard their future.

In fact, Investment will be one of the main topics our Co-Founder, Maribel Esparcia Pérez will talk about in the upcoming event "Funding World-Changing Hospitality" in the framework of the Eco Hotel Investment Summit.

The ESHClub team aims to always adopt an agile approach and push for real change: on the back of COVID19, the Hospitality Impact Investment initiative was born, to better rebuild and support investment strategies that are profitable and have a positive impact on local communities and the environment.

It is, therefore, an unmissable and interesting digital event that will last 2 days, 27-28 January, where our Co-Founder Maribel Esparcia Perez will share the platform along with numerous other renowned professionals in the hospitality and tourism sectors.

The goal of The Eco Hotel Investment Summit is to address all the different ways to raise funds and manage the investment in eco-projects; two days of talks and networking for those seeking funding and investors in the EcoSphere.

“Seeking investment for an eco-hospitality project can be difficult,” says event co-organizer Steph Curtis-Raleigh of Eco Resort Network/Glamping Business Magazine. “We come across so many operators who don’t know where to turn when it comes to raising capital. Our event will address all the different ways to raise funds and manage the investment in these types of projects. We expect it to be invaluable for start-ups and those looking to expand or scale up.”

Maribel Esparcia Pérez will discuss the Hospitality Impact Investment project, highlighting several concepts including that of the importance and necessity in understanding data, not only operational but also external impacts allowing investors to subsequently make wise and conscious decisions on investments.

And this is just one of many topics.

ESHClub's intent is to help solve the systemic problems affecting our sector and analyze the ESG complexities and understand it as a fiduciary duty, through the environment, social and good governance in decision making, or with research-active to incorporate commercial practices and, of course, there must be support for an approach to continuous improvement.

Additionally, the ESHClub Management team agrees to offer a 15% discount on Eco Hotel Summit membership fees for hospitality businesses or hotel Eco Hotel ticket holders that join the ESHClub.

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