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Our New Trusted Supplier: Sheedo Studio.

Sheedo Studio, a reference point for sustainable solutions for corporate marketing, also joins our circle of Trusted Suppliers. They are concerned with creating innovative quality and environmentally friendly alternatives to help companies be more sustainable.

Sheedo Studio is a project that was born in 2017 by Gonzalo and Gala, two young entrepreneurs convinced that they can revolutionize the sector of ecological merchandising and sustainable corporate stationery. It all starts with an innovative product for the paper industry: the paper plant with seeds.

From a small dream, however, everything becomes reality, a reality that always maintains the same philosophy, that is the one with which they were born: to help and encourage companies to be more sustainable.

Sheedo's team is committed to accompanying and supporting companies in their path of implementing more sustainable solutions in communication and marketing campaigns, and also in daily habits.

They experience nature as a gift from the planet and consider humanity as a pillar. They are a brand that stands alongside people, its team, its customers, and its suppliers, thus transferring their commitment directly to their products and projects.

Thanks to Sheedo Studio it is possible to finally demonstrate that sustainability, design, and quality can go hand in hand. But not only that: innovation is also considered as an important detail, which is a fundamental part of their DNA.

What our team is very proud of is collaborating with companies like Sheedo, which is the first Spanish paper company that is B Corp.

Being B Corp credits them as a company, whose purpose is to generate a positive social impact and which respects high social, environmental, and community standards, as well as taking on a high commitment in terms of transparency and sustainability.

B Corp is a global movement made up of people who use the company to create a positive impact on society. It is a transformative movement, in which the company is part of the solution and not the problem.

A movement that the ESHClub is increasingly seeking to deepen and disseminate, with the help of Trusted Suppliers such as Sheedo Studio.

As companies, we have a great social responsibility and the most urgent of all is to implement sustainability as something real and strategic within our processes.

Through the products they make available, Sheedo Studio tries to satisfy the desire of any company to be sustainable, always offering a flexible and personalized service for each project. They do it with original alternatives to the typical corporate gift: their personal seed card and sustainable corporate gifts. They propose giving away seeds instead of polluting disposable items.

Their team uses recycled or waste materials from other industries and creates eco-friendly gifts of green merchandise, working from product design to making it, so that the environmental impact is as low as possible.

Giving Sheedo seeds as a gift could (and should) become a new trend, also because

there is a small but important factor that differentiates them: in addition to being sustainable, their corporate gifts can also be planted! Offering a variety of seeds to choose from, mainly horticultural, aromatic, and flowering seeds, they create life after use instead of polluting waste.

Making a gift and receiving it always makes us happy, so let's start giving gifts, even better if they are sustainable.

Being sustainable should no longer be an option. Do you agree with us? :)

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