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Chapter 1 - David Chenery

Founder and Director at Object Space Place Limited

Chapter 1 - David Chenery

Inaugurating the series, David Chenery from Object Space Place has a deep conversation with Maribel Esparcia. David Chenery of Object Space Place is an interior architect and design consultant. He has specialised in commercial interiors throughout his career including a varied range of international and UK based retail stores, hair salons, restaurant concepts and luxury fashion department stores. More recently he founded OSP, a RIBA Chartered Practice working across the complementary disciplines of Architecture, Interiors and Branding with a core focus on hospitality design.

Over the last 4 years OSP have worked to understand the sustainability challenges facing the restaurant industry and this now dominates their approach to design. They are currently embarking on a research project to create the design framework for a truly “Restorative Restaurant”, one that they define as ‘giving more than it takes’. The approach is being built around the principles of a circular economy; designing with end of life in mind, building in rigorous flexibility, designing out waste and lowering embodied and operational carbon.

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