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Above and Beyond

Embed the sustainability strategy into your business model and business operations. Our value proposition is transformation with education through technology. We help you with the sustainability strategy, digitization process and the improvement of your internal and external communication.

Online training for employees and C-suite

Cost optimization

We offer best practices handbooks

your consulting costs

We develop implementation documents that will help you to get certified by external auditors

We facilitate our knowledge in several languages : English, Italian, Spanish, Catalan, Dutch and French

We offer access to sustainable procurement practices and protocols for all

We offer access to a sustainable suppliers marketplace

We develop SOP’s and procedures for departments

We help to improve employee comunications and engagement

We help with the digitalization process

We implement strategies in a holistic manner

We help to improve stakeholders engagement

A 24/7 access to the online platform

Achieve higher ADR, brand recommendation and higher asset market  value

Overall we make sustainability easier, improving external and internal communications

Support adopting internationally recognised certificates

We include sustainability into your onboarding process


We offer leadership programs to embed sustainability in the culture of the company to ensure purpose driven work environments.


We offer procurement and supply chain support with our National, European and Global contacts for Club Members.


Thanks to partners’ knowledge in tourism, technology, third sector and fashion, we are able to develop strategies for the hotel industry with a cross-sector approach.


Through educational programs, strategy and events we offer guidelines for good practices in the hotel industry.


Feeding you with the latest industry trends and news in sustainability for the hospitality and tourism industries.