Expanding your Sustainability Expertise

The Superior membership is what accommodation facilities that are expanding their commitment with sustainability need.



Courses designed to help.

The online academy is a space that empowers leaders to thrive, the courses designed to help employees to develop industry-relevant skills that allow them to overcome challenges on a daily basis. We share courses on the three dimensions of sustainability and for three different categories: entry level - Leadership (mid-management) - Owners (investor relations). You will find modules about:

Social :

  • Impact on communities.

  • Workforce strategies that eradicate the negative impact on employees.

  • Equality and Diversity.

  • Destination cooperation and Business Integration. 

  • Business Ethics.

Environmental :

  • Impact on land , water and biodiversity. 

  • Becoming  a regenerative business model. 

  • ESG risks analysis and scenario planning.

  • SDGs implementation.

Governance :

  • Leadership skills for employees.  

  • Supply Chain Considerations.

  • Risks Assessments.

  • Non-financial reporting.


Guiding you to your goals.

In the course of one hour, we’ll discuss your goals, any current sustainability activities, biggest growth opportunities, and strategies that can help accelerate your impact. You’ll also get key insights every  leader needs to create effective management systems. We offer support to in house teams on finding resources, choosing right entities and identifying creative solutions to current challenges.  


Insights to be aware of.

Our team is constantly doing research on suppliers that cover industry peers' needs as well as new insights to share to our members. We also conduct scientific research with european universities and relevant european entities on different topics. 


Handbooks & key practices

You will have access to documents such as departmental checklist, handbooks, best practices, key industry resources, and regulation guidelines.


A space for sharing thoughts.

An online space to share industry best practices with industry peers. The main goal is to share what is working in different companies and create a knowledge sharing forum. It is a place to discuss key sustainability applied to the hospitality industry with the like-minded people. Where you can start a discussion on current challenges and best practices or solutions we can give to the current situation. 


Creating the structure you need.

Having  certification does not mean that we are a responsible company. We have to create effective systems that allow us to be constant, committed to change and  achieve results in the three dimensions of sustainability. For that we need to incorporate sop’s and create a structure that can help leaders and team members to thrive. You will have access to documents such as checklists for departments, handbooks, best practices, key industry resources, regulation and strategy documents.


Ethical providers for a win-win.

We promote european products, as well as global services on our platform for committed organisations aiming to be a force for good (e.g Bcorp). we create synergies between responsible companies to create win-win for all eradicating negative impacts on society and the environment. 

Who should pick this membership?​

  • Accommodation facilities willing to introduce sustainability practices in their business.

  • Businesses aiming to increase their employees' knowledge in sustainability.