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Hospitality Impact Investment Initiative

Introducing the Hospitality Impact Investment Initiative (HIII): Driving Sustainable Investment Strategies and Building Back Better in the Hospitality Industry Post-COVID19


We facilitate the transition from simply meeting quantitative sustainability criteria (i.e. box-ticking) to developing intrinsic values strategies. By working with hospitality businesses, we help them to develop a deeper understanding of sustainability and to embed sustainable practices into their organizational culture.


Our approach empowers businesses to make sustainability a core part of their operations and to achieve long-lasting, meaningful impact.


Companies and investors should focus on internal management practices instead of overly focusing on ESGs, which could derail efforts to deliver positive environmental and social outcomes.


To ensure that sustainability is incorporated into the business strategy when investing in hospitality businesses, we need to integrate environmental, social, and governance criteria into investment analysis and decision-making processes. By doing so, we can prioritize sustainability and ensure that it becomes a core component of the business strategy.


When investing in regenerative, nature-based hospitality businesses and projects, it is essential to focus on conservation and to positively impact local economies. ESG reporting is crucial but not sufficient on its own to drive change at scale. Therefore, we need to move towards a more inclusive and resilient hotel industry, where businesses are proactive in tackling social and environmental issues.


Hospitality industry investment networks and stakeholders must support Hospitality Impact Investing and drive investment for hospitality businesses. By doing so, businesses can proactively tackle social and environmental issues in every investment activity and decision-making process. This will help build a more sustainable and responsible industry.


Investor networks must form alliances and engage in cross-sector collaboration to overcome common supply chain challenges, develop regenerative travel practices, and improve sustainable development materiality. ESG screenings are likely to be a common practice within the hospitality industry, so initiatives and partnerships with peers can help drive change and create a more sustainable future for the industry.

How do we mesure it? 

We utilize a variety of methods, including sustainability assessments (SDPIs) and both qualitative and quantitative data evaluation. However, we also recognize that there are some aspects of sustainability that cannot be measured by numbers alone. That's why we take a holistic approach to ESG, looking beyond the metrics and considering the intrinsic values that underlie sustainability.​

How do we help? 

  • Developing industry-specific standards for non-financial reporting operational and strategic data.

  • Including sustainability, environmental, social, and governance practices in decision-making. 

  • Provide ongoing support for a continuous improvement approach. 

  • Changing from a “tickbox” to dealing with systemic issues. 

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