An European Sustainable Hospitality Club initiative

Hospitality Impact Investment (HII) Initiative is born on the back of the COVID19 to build back better and drive investment strategies that have a positive impact on local communities as well as on the environment and with a primary focus on Hospitality industry-specific issues. 

It is key that we provide smart investment that tackles environmental and social challenges. We need to take an agile approach and push for real change. 


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  • For Private Investors,  Institutional Investors, Owners Policy-makers Asset Managers  Family offices 

  • Developing Industry standards and best practices for non-financial reporting.

  • Including social and governance practices on decision-making. 

  • Supporting for a continuous improvement approach. 

  • Changing from a “tickbox” to dealing with systemic issues. 

If you are a asset management company or fund manager and you want to support our research, contact us at: