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Worth to watch 1:1 with Industry Leaders

The ESHClub's initiative, Travel Visionaries, provides a unique platform for professionals from the travel and hospitality industries to engage in meaningful discussions on sustainability, ethics, and leadership. Through this show, we aim to showcase diverse perspectives from a wide range of experts and stakeholders in the industry. Join us as we explore innovative solutions and share best practices that can drive positive change in the hospitality sector.


Chapter 1 - David Chenery

Inaugurating the series, David Chenery from Object Space Place has a deep conversation with Maribel Esparcia.


Chapter 2 - Pablo Torres

Pablo Torres is a Spanish hotel consultant based in London, with 20 years of experience in the sector.


Chapter 3 - Victoria East

Victoria is a Freelance Agent at Forest Nation, her recent experience as Executive Chef, was being the General Manager / Executive Chef @ Petco Bon Appétit Management Company.


Chapter 4 - Vijay Poonoosamy

Vijay Poonoosamy of Mauritius, Singapore-based Director International and Public Affairs of QI Group, an Executive Board Member and Chairman of the Aviation Group of World Tourism Network.


Chapter 5 - Devi Virdi

Devi, Head of Diversity & Inclusion at Women in Hospitality & Travel-Tech, now RaizUp, and supports the partners across travel-tech sectors in building their strategies and embedding D&I initiatives.

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