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Chapter 4 - Vijay Poonoosamy

Director of International and Public Affairs of QI Group, Executive Board Member and Chairman of the Aviation Group of World Tourism Network

Chapter 4 - Vijay Poonoosamy

Vijay Poonoosamy of Mauritius is the Singapore-based Director International and Public Affairs of QI Group, an Executive Board Member and Chairman of the Aviation Group of World Tourism Network, an Honorary Member of the Hermes Air Transport Organisation, a Non-Executive Member of the Board of aircraft asset management Veling Group, a member of the International Board of Experts of Rebuilding Travel, of the Advisory Board of the World Tourism Forum Lucerne and of the World Economic Forum’s Strategy Officers Community and Gender Parity Steering Committee.

Vijay’s 30+ years of experience in international relations, aviation, tourism, governance, and public affairs together with his extensive travels and living in Mauritius, the UK, UAE, and Singapore have consolidated his ability and reputation for international consensus building, effective leadership, mentoring, ethics, good governance, and strategic public affairs.

Vijay is committed to ensuring that organizations are purpose-driven and adhere to the highest standards of integrity, transparency, equity, inclusivity, sustainability, and performance.

Vijay was:

the Managing Director of Air Mauritius, Special Adviser (International Civil Aviation), and Member of the Public/Private Consultative Group in the Prime Minister’s Office of Mauritius;

the Executive Chairman of Airports of Mauritius;

the Vice President International Affairs of the Etihad Aviation Group and Senior Adviser, International Civil Aviation Affairs, UAE Mission to ICAO;

the Chairman of the 4th ICAO Worldwide Air Transport Conference;

the ICAO Special Group on the Warsaw Convention Governing International Air Transport, the Air Transport Committee of the African Civil Aviation Commission, IATA’s Industry Affairs Committee, IATA’s Legal Advisory Council, and IATA’s Task Force on International Aviation Issues;

a member of the World Economic Forum’s Global Future Council on Mobility, the World Travel & Tourism Council’s Advisors Circle, the World Routes Advisory Panel, the Board of Directors of US Travel Association, and the Board of Governors of the International Aviation Club of Washington, DC.

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