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ByNordicNotes, our new Trusted Supplier

We welcome ByNordicNotes, our new Trusted Supplier, a team of strengths combined with vast experience from product development, branding, manufacturing, strategy, marketing, business development, and sales.

ByNordicNotes has an extensive global network of professional partners, with whom they work closely to achieve their main goal: the creation of world-leading food and beverage brands, which are firmly rooted in their Nordic nature.

Nature, quality, and care are the fundamental values ​​for their company. The quality of the products they deal with is mainly based on respect for nature. They show their respect by caring about how the product was produced in order to subsequently be able to offer the best to the final consumer.

Among their products, 'Inland Ice' and 'Siii', unique nature, and individual.

Inland Ice. permanent ice covering more than 50,000 km2 is known as an ice sheet. These sheets exist only in two places on earth: the Antarctic and Greenland.

The Greenland ice sheet, also known as the Inland Ice, covers approx. 80% of Greenland. In a natural and continuous process, the "calf" ice sheet melts icebergs and is absorbed into the ocean. The bottling of this ice, therefore, recovers one of the most precious natural resources in existence, clean drinking water, before it is lost in the sea.

Inland Ice has been encapsulated for over 100,000 years, completely isolated from any contact with soil layers, and formed long before the first human set foot in the Arctic Circle.

This conservation process is what has kept this product of nature in a unique and pristine state, free from pollutants or contamination.

This places Inland Ice water in an exceptionally rare category as the purest untreated drinking water on earth, with a taste that fully matches its uniqueness.

As you well know, with the world of gastronomy at the center of attention, consumers are paying more and more attention to the quality of their products, how they are grown and where they come from. Chefs and restaurateurs from all over the world are faced with the challenge of offering new taste experiences that are not easily forgotten.

Do you want to know the secrets of The Inland Ice?

Greenland's inland ice offers a powerful and immense natural resource. This remote destination still offers uncharted territory, which is why it attracts scientists, pioneers, and explorers from all over the world. Glaciology is the science that studies ice and natural phenomena involving ice, and more and more scientists are dealing with this area.

With the presence of ancient airborne particles - relics of Earth's previous climate that can end up trapped in internal ice for eons - climate scientists reveal how our planet's climate and atmosphere have changed over the course. thousands of years old and, armed with this valuable knowledge, their goal is to be able to predict the present and future climate change, particularly in relation to current global warming.

Siii. This organic product is the purest spring water in the Swedish forest landscape in a beautiful combination with the aromatic essence of nature's fruits. Simply natural and healthy.

Today, consumers and the food industry are seeing a rapidly growing interest in healthier foods. The demand for products with a lower sugar content presents a challenge for producers of flavored drinks which traditionally have high sugar content.

Many manufacturers have solved the problem by replacing sugar with other products such as sweeteners, but consumers, rightly so, are increasingly demanding products that contain natural ingredients, free from electronic numbers and artificial additives.

Thus was born Siii, which uses natural flavors to completely eliminate the sugar content and at the same time allow the fantastic natural taste of the single variety of fruit.

The natural flavor is inherently natural, as it is a direct extract from the fruit itself. This is the reason for the slight purity of taste - and why Siii also won the international "Best Flavored Drink" award at IWA in 2019.

Furthermore, certainty is an element that is increasingly needed. We need to know that the products we choose are both friendly to the body and to the environment.

Thanks to ByNordicNotes we have the opportunity to make correct and sustainable choices.

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