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Arc La Rambla Hotel: New Hotel member

We are very pleased and grateful to have a new member in the ESHClub, Arc La Rambla Hotel, a comfortable urban hotel in the heart of wonderful Barcelona. Its façade retains the original charm of a building with more than one hundred years of history and offers modern, welcoming and comfortable accommodation behind it.

Obviously, the ESHClub team is committed every day to cultivate sustainable businesses, making it part of our DNA. So sustainability is the heart of our business, which is why we increasingly want to collaborate with those who believe in our own values and principles, so as to further incentivize this sector. And Arc La Rambla is one of them.

As hotel, they are taking their first steps towards greater sustainability. In 2019-20 the Hotel joined the Barcelona Biosphere Commitment for Sustainable Tourism, allowing them to implement a sustainability approach that encompasses all hotel activities and departments. They are also committed to being able to maintain this commitment in the future and to be more ambitious in terms of sustainability.

To measure its progress in terms of sustainability, Arc La Rambla hotel uses indicators such as water, electricity and gas consumption, and guest satisfaction. In addition, one of the hotel's commitments is to significantly increase these indicators.

They differ from others because even though they are focusing on their internal operations, they are also dedicating a lot of time and effort to create the best experience for the customers by implementing sustainability in the products and services that they offer.

Arc La Rambla is especially keen to highlight the integration of the commitment to sustainability throughout the organization, both by the property, management, and employees, who are about 15 to 20. This has allowed them to improve in various aspects and areas of sustainability.

After obtaining the commitment to sustainable tourism of the Barcelona biosphere (valid until May 2021), Arc La Rambla hotel is pleased to have collaborated this year with the "Tot Raval" Foundation, offering its facilities for one of their youth programs.

In fact, one of their strong beliefs is the importance of collaborating with organizations with social purposes and especially if they are part of the neighborhood and work for the neighborhood itself.

Regarding curiosities in the hotel, there are several things we can find: on the fifth floor of the hotel there are two solariums that guests usually enjoy to rest and relax, in an oasis between the chaos and frenzy of the city center. Other common areas, such as the hall or the breakfast room, have recently been renovated creating a space that stands out for its modern design.

Thanks to Arc La Rambla Hotel, who are committed to always making our stay a memorable experience!

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Thank you very much for your collaboration and for this wonderful post!

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