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EcoRetreat, our new Trusted Supplier

EcoReatreat is a Barcelona-based tour operator specializing in eco-retreats for companies of all sizes. They offer a bespoke experience to ensure employees feel a deep connection with nature to recharge their batteries. From today, we are proud to introduce you to EcoReatreat as our most recent Trusted Suppliers.

Their mission is to exceed expectations and connect people with nature and thus stimulate their environmental, social, and economic awareness. After being certified by Biosphere as a Sustainable Tour Operator, EcoRetreat also provides a complete travel package: from transport to eco-accommodation, bird watching, mushroom picking in the woods, or cleaning the beautiful beaches of the Costa Brava as activities.

Lately, due to the Covid19 pandemic we are experiencing, we have seen an increase in stress levels among employees when it comes to the home office, social restraints, and ongoing video calls that we have all had to deal with. So it's important to connect with nature once in a while.

Thanks to the EcoRetreat team, you will have a wide range of amazing nature-based activities to take a break from work, to focus on yourself, or to increase team spirit. Attending local cooking classes, learning about the environment, actively contributing to the sustainable development of the region, or learning how to use local products effectively are just some of the activities they offer.

They offer bespoke EcoRetreat, to ensure that all employees return to their home office with purpose and the feeling that they have given something back to nature, reducing stress levels and a big smile.

Their products and services are relevant to the hospitality industry as they involve local companies and suppliers in their services. Furthermore, they improve MICE-branded tourism, combining it with sustainable practices and strengthening the local eco-hospitality sector of Catalonia.

In fact, they mainly focus on local communities. They created a product with no large international suppliers involved. Strengthening the local community and its economy is one of the main objectives. From the environmental point of view, they have prepared a document of sustainable practice, affirming the personal objectives on the reduction of pollution, CO2 emissions, and water/energy savings.

We are happy to have them as a Trusted Supplier especially because they are in an excellent position to simulate and promote green thinking in the context of tourism. Therefore, eco-work retreats encourage deep connections between work and nature. They believe, like our team, that working and relaxing close to nature will not only increase productivity, team spirit, and employee motivation but will also have a positive impact on sustainability, the local economy, and communities.

To achieve this, the company works closely with eco-lodgings and natural parks in the north of Catalonia, as well as promotes collaborations with local sustainable projects. EcoRetreat offers the perfect job retreat, where you and your colleagues have the opportunity to contribute to the sustainable development of the Catalan region.

EcoRetreat will become an essential part of the corporate culture to increase employee engagement, create a healthy and balanced team spirit and teach employees how to manage stress by living a healthy lifestyle.

We have already started implementing their philosophy. What are you waiting for?

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