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How does The Greentour Project support sustainable accommodations?

Updated: Apr 4, 2023

We are honored to be part of The Greentour Project, a European Project with a mission to protect the environment and promote resource efficiency. Greentour Project was awarded in November 2020 to advance the circular economy and sustainable tourism in SUDOE destinations.

Together with the Interreg Sudoe Program, which is part of the European territorial cooperation objective, Greentour aims at achieving new sustainable tourism and circular economy practices. The Interreg Sudoe already promotes transnational cooperation to deal with problems common to the regions of each territory, from low investment in research and development, low competitiveness of small and medium-sized enterprises' exposure to climate change, and environmental risks.

The consortium of Greentour Project is composed of 9 partners and 20 associated partners from Spain, France, Portugal, and Andorra, Escuela Superior de Comercio Internacional de la Universidad Pompeu Fabra, being one of the project coordinators.

Since the Tourism and Hospitality Industry leaves behind significant environmental footprints, the initiative allows us to analyze the results of the assessment using the four environmental tools developed. Furthermore, having an Online Ecolabelling Application and an opportunity to be part of the Sustainable Tourism Network.

Accommodations, Restaurants, Cafés, and Tourism Activities Stakeholders can not only reduce the impact they have by using these tools but also become pioneers in tracking behavior and increasing awareness.

The final results of the project are achieved by addressing three innovation actions framed within a transregional grouping model to take advantage of the flow and exchange of information:

  • Action 1: The first action compromises the Methodologies and Actions to promote the circular economy in the tourism sector on a transregional scale by bringing awareness to aspects previously not discussed.

  • Action 2: Using scientific and methodological innovations, eco-certification measures the impact tourists have on the environment during their trip by taking into account economic and social variables.

  • Action 3: Most importantly, promote interregional cooperation in the SUDOE area between institutions and formulators of policies, reviewing the current situation of the tourism sector by implementing the proposed tools and strategies.

To improve methods of managing natural and cultural heritage through the implementation of networks and joint experimentation, Greentour is currently offering an environmental assessment for your establishment (s), which usually costs 5,000- 10,000€, at no cost to you.

To learn more about the project and be part of it, get in touch with the Development Team, or join the Greentour platform here.

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