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KPRN Aqua, Our New Trusted Supplier!

KPRN Aqua, the new sustainable technology that not only recycles greywater * into freshwater suitable for human consumption but, is offering the most innovative process to obtain quality freshwater through an independent water cycle.

Our New Trusted Suppliers distribute, install and monitor their systems globally to work towards a more sustainable future.

As we have often talked about, recycling is the future. They work side by side with their German engineering technology partners, who bring their vast experience, their corporate values ​​to offer customers the most innovative systems and the highest guarantee in all services.

This is a revolutionary system that brings the most efficient solution to the water scarcity problem. With the separation of gray and black water, KPRN Aqua can recycle gray water * into quality freshwater for reuse in showers, kitchens, or whenever necessary. It can also be further purified in drinking water and then bottled in branded mineral water.

Hotels and other entities such as hospitals and schools can benefit from the system.

KPRN Aqua can also purify and mineralize water from others quality freshwater water sources.

This means that everyone can have access to fresh water. They take care of the precious water resource and work for a more sustainable future on our planet.

Their certified machines are approved by international institutions and are available in four different sizes. KPRN Aquas' compact units produce high-quality freshwater, modules that recycle water from 900l/hour (MiniBox) up to 10.000l/hour (WaterBox), and more.

For communal areas, it can be configured as a container-size/silo solution in case larger quantities need to be processed.

If we were to implement this technology, around 90% of freshwater needs can be reduced. Let's take hotels as an example, if they are using around 80,000,000 L of water a year, they could save 72,000,000 L by using 8,000,000 L a year instead of 80,000,000 L. Not only that, municipality water bills could be reduced by 90%.

Additionally, in areas with little freshwater supply, the water from rivers, lakes, dams, water from desalination and purification plants, can be transformed into quality freshwater to assure fresh and mineral water supply.

KPRN Aqua’s technology also prepares us for emergencies, such as natural disasters, by producing water in a decentralized way and large quantities. This does not only help us save the precious resources of the planet efficiently but, it is the most efficient solution to the problem of water scarcity.

These services can make a huge impact on small and big properties in the hotel industry as well as other private buildings like private hospitals, living spaces, etc.

They did not stop there, solutions were also provided for public buildings such as schools, hospitals, public spaces, parks, stadiums among others for the water supply of whole communities on a larger scale.

Most importantly, their goal is to reach everyone because as they say, water recycling is the future. A future that is sustainable for all of us to live, with access to fresh water while also taking care of our planet’s resources.

Together, we work towards a better and more sustainable future.

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