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New collaboration with ESHClub - EcoAttire by DP the label

The new collaboration with EcoAttire is mainly thanks to our Co-Founder Dan Pontarlier, who is also the creator of EcoAttire.

EcoAttire is a service offered to the hospitality industry (accommodation services and any other tourism business), where a process from start to finish is provided for updating the brand image through the incorporation of sustainable uniforms. By working with leaders in sustainable textiles, the EcoAttire team is able to develop ready-to-wear and tailored clothing for employees. Discarded fabrics, recycled fabrics, recycled elements. By mixing sustainability with bold designs, they aim to elevate the appearance of the company while having a positive impact on the environment and society.

Dan promotes sustainability in the world of fashion and hospitality. He is a sustainability and marketing consultant for the hospitality and fashion sectors with almost 15 years of experience and for years he has been trying to help those seeking inspiration, help, or advice and, as in this case, offers a different range of services for brands that need it.

In fact, the EcoAttire uniforms are designed by him himself, the fabrics are woven in Italy and Bulgaria, the knitted fabrics are knitted and dyed to measure in Sweden.

Among the many features, it is correct to underline that virgin polyester is not used and the garments are 100% cotton free. Zips, buttons, and labels are all made from recycled materials, while the clothing fabrics are made with quality virgin wool mixed with recycled polyester yarns.

Going into more detail, there is a specific motivation also for certain materials: Seaqual yarn is used, a polyester yarn produced with high quality, entirely from oceanic plastic waste recycled by Seaqual Initiative, a community that helps to clean our oceans and raise awareness of marine contamination.

The Newlife yarn, on the other hand, is a yarn made entirely from recycled plastic bottles and produced in Italy. This yarn is produced mechanically rather than chemically and is combined with wool to make strong fabrics. And finally, the production of Tencel was also chosen which requires much fewer resources. Tencel yarn comes from wood pulp using wood waste. While 1 cotton T-shirt requires 2,000 liters of water, one made with Tencel only requires 100 to 200 liters. It also requires less dye to change color than cotton, is a renewable raw material, and reduces the impact on the environment.

Obviously, all this is studied and applied in a very decisive and precise way, precisely to have a positive impact on the environment and guarantee 100% on the care of the planet, with -94% of CO2 emissions, -60% of the use of the water, and -32% energy use.

EcoAttire is committed to developing designs in line with the brand image. But not only that: based on trends and with detailed research, they take into consideration the design and architecture of the hotel interiors, to recommend shapes and models, in addition to the guidelines of the brand.

In addition to the main creation of the uniforms with the materials mentioned above, EcoAttire also collaborates with local brands to provide extra input in the creation of the clothes. Everything revolves around recycling and circular fashion, from aprons and tablecloths made with reused denim and jeans to ties and vests made with recycled coffee bags.

With a stock of old unused uniforms, for example, they can recycle those fabrics and include them in the upcoming design, preventing waste and increasing environmental responsibility.

Artwear, or "wearable art", refers to (usually) individually designed pieces of clothing or jewelry created as a fine or expressive art. Historically, fashion has rarely been raised to the same stature as painting, music, sculpture, or architecture. But fashion is one of the purest expressions of art because it is art lived on a daily basis, and the ESHClub community is here to change this and contribute to its development, collaborating with EcoAttire.

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