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New Trusted Supplier: Purple Goat Agency

As a new and trusted supplier of the European Sustainable Hospitality Club, we are pleased to talk and deepen the issue of disability, thanks to Purple Goat Agency that works and deals with this issue that has been a matter of debate for many years.

The Purple Goat Agency is a marketing agency founded by Martin Sibley, specialized for disabled consumers and created at the same time by disabled entrepreneurs.

Listen, Track, and Optimise are only part of their DNA; they aim for the sustainability of the world and inclusive to all people. Their purpose is to send their message to all types of brands, to achieve this.

The problem of wheelchairs on public transport, limited mobility or hand tremors in the workplace, the first day of a new job that can be nerve-wracking for anyone: "There is always a risk when you change jobs, but when you are disabled there is another level of risk: will I be subjected to abuse or bullying because of my disability? " says Sam Fowkes, who has cerebral palsy and has just been promoted to manager of the NHS; adds "Will I be considered inferior or annoying because I will need adjustments?".

These and many other questions that people with disabilities ask themselves, and who have consciously noticed the inequality they face regularly.

In 2017, a major study by the Commission on Equality and Human Rights found that disabled people in the UK are 'left behind in society', with a lack of equal opportunities in education and employment and barriers to access to transport, health services, and housing. This came at the same time as a UN report condemning the British government for failing to uphold the rights of disabled people in a number of areas, including education and employment.

The question that may arise spontaneously is “Why are we talking about this in a sector such as the hospitality one?” The service that Purple Goat offers is that disabled people face barriers to all parts of life. Tourism is one important area of life to be inclusive and therefore is connected in a relevant way with their company: Purple Goat helps with market insights and marketing campaigns to connect brands with disabled consumers (who spend over $ 8 trillion every year).

Certainly, one must be able to distinguish the living conditions between the everyday actions and the ones that affect work, as there is still talk of barriers for what is the daily life of a disabled person. But what the Purple Goat company wants to try to change is above all the mentality, that persistent and deeply rooted cultural attitude towards disability: that disabled people are not exactly like "normal people".

The basic needs of disabled people are neglected "in a way that would not happen if they were needed by everyone", so Purple Goat tries to give disabled people a voice and help brands feel confident to work with disabilities.

But not only that, they help businesses navigate all laws and best practices for disability inclusion, such as the United Nations or National laws, like UK Equality.

The winning objective would be to be able to eliminate all those disadvantages that the structure and organization of society places in the face of disability, in order to pass from the culture of a handicap to that of normality, that is, which affirms the diversity of every human being. as a normal condition, therefore a positive resource, a heritage of culture, skills, attitudes, vitality. This objective derives from a policy that is attentive to enhancing, in practice, disability as a human, moral, social, economic, and cultural resource.

People with disabilities can become socially active and we need to give them the opportunity to do so, just as the Purple Goat team demonstrates. The duty of all of us is to take charge of their own will and to assume it socially, politically, eliminating any psychological, legal, physical obstacle that tends to isolate it, breaking down the prejudice it hides, humiliates, and outrages. Respect and attention should never be lacking towards those who, from a different and disadvantaged position, demonstrate that they are able to teach us the will and vital strength.

From the ESHClub, in our own small way, we try to spread and promote a real integration of disabled people in our society, aware that, only in this way, greater growth will be possible for individuals and the whole community.

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