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Our New, Trusted Supplier: B-Tourism

We are delighted to introduce B-Tourism as our new trusted supplier. A team that has all the necessary skills to make the partnership a useful tool for the tourism industry.

A family business based in Germany, initiated by Matthias Burgbacher, Ernst Burgbacher, and Christof Burgbacher which creates digital participatory tools that help integrate any type of stakeholder into the sustainable development process of hotels or destinations.

Matthias Burgbacher, a sociologist, and expert in the field of urban development, participation, and facilitation. After studying sociology, psychology, and education at Heidelberg University, he co-founded PLAN:KOOPERATIV in 2013, an agency that directs all kinds of dialogue, research, and participation processes. Ernst Burgbacher, a former member of the German Parliament, State Secretary at the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology, and Federal Government Commissioner for SMEs and Tourism. Christof Burgbacher, a trained hotel specialist and expert for sustainable tourism. He advises national and international companies as well as public organizations on development projects.

Furthermore, Christof is also an independent consultant and the founder of Elementerre, & B Tourism specialized in advising companies, organizations, and destinations on sustainability. He is referenced by the program One Planet Travel with Care of the UNWTO and is a member of the “Global Leaders Network” of Green Destinations.

As the Burgbachers say, in global, national, and regional competition, only those locations and companies that expect social trends and consequent changes in demand behavior will be successful.

Thus, B-Tourism helps you identify these changes and collaborates with you to develop serious, sustainable, and profitable concepts. They strongly believe it is vital for both companies and destinations to provide serious, authentic, and viable answers with their offers.

Nowadays, individuals are becoming more and more interested in minimizing the negative effects of their travel and maximizing their positive impact. As a result, the desire for environmentally responsible travel will soon not, just affect the types of customers but, also the modes of transportation. Upcoming generations are bound to have a progressive mindset, and destinations that do not fall in with sustainable development might be excluded. Hence, sustainability indeed has to be acknowledged as a precondition for a successful tourism industry.

For more than ten years, the B-Tourism team has been developing innovative online survey tools designed to reach local, regional, and national target groups. Their work is always based on the integration of different target groups, as sustainable strategies always require the knowledge and experience of all those involved.

Not only that, the solutions are always tailored to the context of the individual problem, making each process individually tailored to the needs of the Customers. Subsequently, B-tourism develops the right strategies to reach the target group, designs the right research methods, evaluates the results, and allows them to flow into further cooperation.

How does B-tourism execute these strategies?

First and foremost, customers are always the starting point for their work. Ideas are exchanged by discussing global problems, and solutions are always adapted to each setting individually. A conversation where the needs of the future guests are considered in order to evaluate where the improvements ought to be prioritized, for the long run. For that same reason, the use of the knowledge of local people is also contemplated to decipher where the problems reside.

Not just that, Christof’s previous endeavors also play a major role in the development of tourism companies. As he very well gets his message across, both the employees and the local population are of great importance to further advance a tourism business, towards a successful and socially sustainable one. We have to recognize that Hospitality is, as a matter of fact, an industry where the human factor has always been and will be premier. Thus, an investment in social sustainability is an investment in employees which results in service of the utmost quality.

In order to better integrate local communities in tourism development, B-Tourism was founded, together with Ernst Burgbacher, who has a background in tourism policy, and Matthias Burgbacher who is an expert in innovative participation processes. To produce effective results, they decided to combine all their skills by offering companies and destinations the opportunity to develop sustainability strategies that are based on the needs and demands of the population, employees, and guests.

Hence, you talk and they listen. What do you want to change? Who would you like to involve in this process? Or would you like to start a creative workshop together with them to help you recognize and formulate your own challenges?

Once all the information is gathered, concepts are further developed to cover the various expectations as comprehensively as possible in order to develop a successful project.

A project that will thus facilitate long-term successful tourism development for both companies and destinations.

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