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Our new trusted supplier: Forest Nation

When we talk about climate change and global warming, we immediately think of the negative effects of these phenomena. There is obviously a reason given, for example, to the advance of desertification and to the emergencies related to the climate that follow one another, from the hurricanes that hit the Americas every summer to the fires that still devastate Australia today.

In order not to risk exceeding in a useless and harmful catastrophism, which pushes us not to act, we want to focus instead on the positive news. We do this by telling about those projects that are already having success, one above all that of reforestation, thanks to the activities undertaken by ESHClub’s new trusted supplier, Forest Nation.

It is a sustainable for-profit company that is committed to offering products and services that combine environmental, social, and commercial objectives. Their program focuses on generating sustainable livelihoods in developing countries, thereby hoping to stimulate local economies, develop leadership roles for women, and create a brighter outlook for future generations.

Forests cover 30.7% of the earth's surface but, currently, 13 million hectares of forest are lost every year, while the persistent degradation of dry areas has led to the desertification of 3.6 billion hectares. Researchers, today, have tried to understand how and where these new trees could be placed and how much carbon they could absorb through a new study on the feasibility of reforestation in various areas of the planet and on the global effects in terms of climate.

The research team analyzed nearly 80,000 satellite photographic measurements of tree cover around the world and combined them with massive global databases on soil and climate conditions, evaluating one hectare at a time. The result was that on our planet there are 900 million hectares of land available where new forests could grow and once they reach maturity, after a few decades, these forests could store 205 billion tons of carbon, about two-thirds of the one that has been released into the atmosphere since the nineteenth century.

Furthermore, to reduce global warming by 1.5 degrees by 2050 it would be necessary to have an additional billion hectares of forest, while at the same time drastically reducing emissions from energy, transport, and other sources.

Deforestation and desertification caused by human activities and climate change pose major challenges to sustainable development and have impacted the lives and livelihoods of millions of people in the fight against poverty.

In any case, we must not wait for the action of governments, individuals can and must get involved in the first person and make a difference.

As Forest Nation did, anyone can plant and grow trees, finance forest restoration projects, or even just invest your money responsibly in companies that work against climate change.

For this purpose, Forest Nation has provided a biodiverse forest in the mountains of Zorange, Haiti: 7000 bags of soil seedlings were filled to grow 3000 avocados, 3000 hardwoods, and 1000 cashews. ForestNation funded 3,000 of these hardwood and cashew trees. They also committed to giving trees to local families, which is one of the best ways to reforest in that region. “And, when you give to families, it is mostly children who water the trees and bring love for them to the next generation. 10,000 trees distributed to around 1000 homes. We made a big difference! "

Another key point of great importance, Forest Nation provides comprehensive offerings for your business that can both market your brand effectively and help save the earth. Thanks to the solutions they offer, from tree planting kits to online forests, they are able to promote sustainability by default. When you start planting with ForestNation, you are able to create a custom online forest for your community.

Why don't we start making a difference too?

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