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Our New, Trusted Supplier: WE(i) Think

We'd like to welcome WE(i) Think as our New Trusted Supplier. They provide a new generation of consulting services, inspired by innovation and focused on wellness and sustainability. Their primary aim is to improve the environment by embracing the United Nations (UN)"17 Sustainable Development Goals to Transform our World" and the Blue Zones'"Power 9 Principles" for living a healthy and longer life.

Their objective is to approach each initiative with a center on Wellness and Sustainability, associating people and the earth's goals. WE(i) Think's role is to walk you through your project from conception to completion, offering creative ideas to help you realize your vision and monitor its progress across its lifecycle.

They serve the interests of the businesses in which they collaborate and inspire them through their Communities and Creative Thinkers, along with their Innovation Hub and Research Center.

WE(İ) Think takes a holistic approach to wellness that creates synergies around the property's divisions and involves all stakeholders (ownership, employees, guests, and local communities). They design customized indoor and outdoor fitness ideas, services, activities, and packages for internal and external visitors of all ages, all genders, and ethnicities, including sleep, nutritious food and beverage shops, wellness destination spas, live sporting areas, awareness events, and fun educational sessions. Employee engagement and attendance are critical to the sustainability of the wellness plan and a vital task for WE(i) Think, as highly educated guests are exhausted by confusing information.

WE(i) Think, reasons beyond sustainability to develop regenerative initiatives that support their environment, including visitors, staff, local communities, and the destination. Through a multidisciplinary methodology, they always recommend best practices to implement in your project, and they are applicable and like-minded experts with the latest and greatest developments in sustainable operations such as architecture, materials, product, benchmarking, and schooling.

WE (i) think associates Innovation with their responsible attitude towards their partners, the industry, and the wider audience. It is very important for WE (i) Think to be good at what they do, to always work with professionals, to go beyond existing solutions, to share their knowledge and experience, to strengthen their skills, and to provide materials that will enable them. Their goal is to encourage and empower people to evolve and contribute to make the planet a better place for future generations.

Not only that, but WE (i) Think also provides financial services and does so by taking into account the nature of the company and the environment. They even look at how it could affect the culture and its surroundings. They also create short-, mid-, and long-term planning strategies that outline the project's various phases, schedules, capital needs, and regional distribution. With asset management services, they review your results on a regular basis and provide the tools and expertise needed to keep your project on track. They analyze the industry, rivals, and upcoming opportunities in order to bring a vision into a project that would connect to potential customers and be at the forefront of innovation in its area. They build products that are both creative and sustainable.

Helping companies to sustainable in order to make the world a better place is a great way to contribute to a healthy life for all of us and our planet. Let's live it well and sustainably.

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