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We close the year 2020 by welcoming our new trusted supplier: Tutaka.

Tutaka is seen as a marketplace for hotels, gastronomes, and event operators who want to move away from negative impact products and satisfy their guests and employees with truly good and sustainable experiences.

In short, they make sustainable procurement easy and also make it possible to request numerous controlled products and services. This saves time and introduces products into operations that inspire internal and external customers alike.

As sustainability is part of their DNA but above all, it is the core of their logic, Tutaka is also an agency besides a marketplace that constantly asks itself questions in favor of the community, guests and employees, and industries. They support the transformation of sustainability without falling into clichés or greenwashing. And that's exactly what the ESHClub team was looking for.

How can the well-being of guests and employees be increased? How can we create a community around sustainability? Or again, how can we bring more sustainability to a sector that is still in the early stages of transformation?

Tutaka's team of young women makes sustainable sourcing easy with radical transparency, great precision, honest commitment, cliché-free communication, sustainable technology, good service, and creative knowledge transfer. They try to tackle problems and challenges with determination by asking themselves, for example, what prevents hosts from becoming champions of sustainability: a lack of resources, capacity, and time; sustainability that can be detrimental to the image if treated too superficially and barriers to market entry such as wholesalers or sourcing associations, price pressure and strict contracts that prevent sustainable, often small, suppliers from shine.

Subsequently also providing us with the respective solutions such as the presence of numerous verified and sustainable products and services presented in an all-in-one source; transparency and a trap-free offer for greenwashing and visibility for sustainable, often small, suppliers.

Tutaka, therefore, understands sustainability as a dimension of quality with multiple added values and creatively communicates the infinite benefits.

What we find really interesting is the service of "TUTAKA Island", a sustainable consultancy, a long-term strategic partnership with a strong focus on Ecoism -meaning to have environmental or ecological impact always in their point of view.

Tutaka sets up a holistic strategy by co-creating strategic frameworks, visions, goals, objectives, and milestones and co-developing reporting, control, and optimization mechanisms. They help innovate through sustainability by leveraging what makes the company special and combine it with what customers really care about today.

Through a better perception of the brand, a deep consideration of customer needs and ethical values, and excellent product development, Tutaka has worked on a large number of case studies such as the Zero Waste Minibar, the Basenbox or the awareness campaign #makeit easy, which led the agency to receive numerous and positive feedbacks: “The tools that the Agency TUTAKA Island gave us to communicate our sustainability and awareness efforts, also to our stakeholders, were immediately applied after the workshop”, Laura Schmidt, Cocoon Hotels.

Therefore, TUTAKA is the reference point for sustainable hospitality, and we are happy and grateful to have them as our Trusted Suppliers.

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