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ChartOK, ESHClub’s new Trusted Supplier

Today we are pleased to introduce our new Trusted Supplier ChartOK, which centralizes all processes, procedures, and hotel operations teams to manage daily workflows from a single point of contact to bring together the work of your hotel team, no matter where you are!

Most hotel work is invisible, hidden in emails, staff PCs, laptops, or employees' heads... Meanwhile, with the collaboration software provided by ChartOK, hoteliers organize activities, requests, registrations and create awareness among one or more hotel operating teams. Working together makes life easier for hoteliers, saving costs and keeping staff happier.

What makes this technology outstanding?

First of all, it is a multi-ownership software, developed to simplify internal collaboration in the chain or group of hotels between multiple teams and departments. Each team has a unique workspace to prioritize and discuss team activities and workflow in a public or private setting with full visibility. As for the workspaces, bulletin boards have been created, to help teams perform exactly the tasks of the hotel department and be aware of development or any obstacles.

It's a great tool for keeping hospitality teams organized and working on the same projects in one or more locations with remote workers, desks, and employees of varying qualities.

You can split large projects into smaller projects, assign tasks to teams and keep track of everything from their "Teams Workspace Dashboard".

The system allows you to work from anywhere and at any time. ChartOK takes an approach to the digital transformation of hospitality to its advantage by encouraging hotel operations and managers to go digital with hotel intranet best practices. They transform the hotel staff experience by enabling a more flexible work style that retains the kind of talent needed to advance productivity.

It is no longer acceptable to focus all hotel technology solely on the digital transformation of technology aimed at guests. Why should hotel staff be relegated to using personal mobile apps or old-school systems?

It seems clear that providing engaging tools and internal collaboration experiences to staff helps improve retention, reduce employee turnover, increase engagement, and, in turn, fuel employee satisfaction.

Digital transformation begins with tools tailored for hoteliers. For this, you can use ChartOk Hotel Operations Software to collaborate with your hospitality team, optimize internal communication, share updates and generate reports, and much more.

They, therefore, aim to simplify the life of hoteliers by saving costs and making the staff happier, and more! The ESHClub team is also happy with this collaboration and what ChartOK is all about.

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