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Welcome to LightBlue, ESHClub’s New Trusted Supplier

We are pleased to introduce our new Trusted Supplier, LightBlue. A UN-Awarded social enterprise that reconciles sustainability with business excellence by using their unique experiences in food waste to provide human-based solutions with the right twist of tech.

Not only that, but they also specialize in food waste prevention by providing comprehensive food waste identification, capacity building workshops, agile tech solutions for commercial kitchens. Their goal is to guide and train organizations on integrating circular business models to move towards zero food waste to landfills and low carbon operations.

So, how do they implement and bring on these changes?

LightBlue is a highly experienced consulting firm. Thus, they are oriented in transferring their knowledge by finding sustainable solutions for their partners. The success of the solutions they offer has indeed proven this.

One of LightBlue's sustainable solutions, FIT Food Waste Monitoring Tech has been awarded the Solar Impulse Efficient Solution Label in 2020. FIT is designed for commercial kitchens willing to track, as well as reducing food waste and related costs at multiple locations. The great benefit of FIT is that it runs on any generic devices, which help to answer the key questions pertaining to food waste: how much, when, where, what is wasted, and why! As a result, users can reduce 25-35% of food waste and 3-5% reduction cost per cover. Moreover, LightBlue provides online technical workshops, in which their 8 years of expertise in food waste are encapsulated. Also, they guide and accompany businesses to achieve sustainability certificates, such as The PLEDGE™ on Food Waste, EarthCheck, etc. The PLEDGE™ on Food Waste is a third-party verified certification and benchmarking system designed to reduce food waste, save on costs and nurture the local ecosystem of solution providers.

LightBlue's mission is defined as achieving Zero Food Waste to Landfill by combining a human-centered perspective with modern technology. LightBlue’s approach is not only preventing businesses from wasting food, but also guide those businesses to reduce costs, increase employee productivity, and contribute to the prestige of environmentally conscious businesses.

Once again, we are delighted to have them with us at ESHClub. All these successful solutions, projects, and more give us hope for a better future.

A future that has no room for food waste but, a more sustainable lifestyle.

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