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Welcome to our new Hotel Member, Cypianerhof Dolomit Resort

Updated: Apr 20, 2021

We couldn't be happier to have the Cypianerhof Dolomit Resort as a new Hotel Member, a 5-star hotel located in the middle of the nature of South Tyrol in the wonderful Dolomites.

Growing up in this natural idyll, they are aware of the great responsibility of preserving this unique mountain world in its pristine state.

Sustainability is in their DNA, it is an essential part of their philosophy of life, they support it in every way, setting themselves the goal of not having an environmental footprint. Finding Itself in the open, trying to preserve it with great commitment and involvement.

Of the 70 employees who work in this naturalistic hotel, 80% come from the region and their high-quality products also come from local suppliers. And not only that: they try to regularly reflect on how to improve sustainability especially with the construction or development of new projects, committing themselves to make sustainability a fundamental priority. An example is the construction of a recent condominium that was built with only sustainable and local materials and is completely autonomous from an energy point of view (solar energy, heating and cooling system on the ground, the walls are insulated with natural materials to respect climate regulations).

From the point of view of the products and services that the hotel promotes, the Cypianerhof Dolomit Resort tries to sell and use only products that are not harmful to the environment or their objectives. The bathroom products are for example free of single-use plastic and all biologically decomposable. The hotel shop only sells products from local producers and mainly from small producers.

They confess that they have not yet been able to completely abandon plastic from their hotel, but are fully committed to being 100% plastic-free by 2025.

In addition to the commitment to eliminate plastic, they support local (small) producers and support public transport.

One of the most fascinating aspects is also the dedication to involving guests with nature and local culture. The food is designed to stick to a healthy diet and the staff is mostly local too.

Awarded with 5 mountain crystals, the 5-star hotel for hikers in South Tyrol is the perfect base camp for all those looking for adventure in the seclusion of the mountains thanks to its privileged location in the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Dolomites.

In winter, when the first snowflakes dancing from the sky, the landscape around our hotel in South Tyrol is transformed into a winter wonderland that is second to none. Your constant companion in all activities: the breathtaking view.

In fact, around the hotel, South Tyrol shows itself in all its landscape splendor, made up of gentle alpine meadows, shady woods, and rocky peaks.

A panorama that captivates the gaze and frees the soul, especially in the evening, when the sunset turns the pale mountains red.

So if you want to treat yourself to an interlude of pure happiness and relaxation, you know where to go!

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