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Welcome to our new trusted supplier: Greenview

Today the ESHClub team wants to welcome our new trusted supplier, Greenview, which is the world's leading provider of sustainability and data management programs for the hospitality and tourism industry.

What they do is mostly about supporting companies to design, implement, and monitor corporate responsibility and sustainability platforms to drive profitability, optimize data, anticipate trends, and provide effective communication for stakeholders.

Based in Singapore and with a global team of experts spread across 7 countries, GreenView manages the hospitality industry's largest collaborative sustainability initiatives, including the Cornell Hotel Sustainability Benchmarking Index, and by harnessing the power of this network, they synergize value for its clients through three pillars of activity: business consulting and advisory, Greenview Portal software (GSTC recognized) and collaborative sector initiatives.

GreenView is very involved in the main discussions on sustainability and its level of commitment is very high. All the employment that is carried out is in the field of sustainability, working with customers through hospitality (investors, owners, operators) to measure, improve, and better report their sustainability performance, trying to be above all thought leaders in the areas where they work. Additionally, GreenView's monitoring methods are intended to support industry standards and structures where "how-to" gaps currently exist.

Speaking of services, as we said before, GreenView mainly provides consulting and advisory services in the hospitality and tourism sector, so we can confirm that all products are relevant. In fact, all services have been developed with specific knowledge and understanding of the needs of the sector. They take particular care of the complexities of hospitality with an experienced team in hotel operations.

There are three main services of great interest to us:

1. Business consulting, i.e. collaboration with hotel investors, owners, and brands on the development of strategies and programs, corporate sustainability reporting, corporate sustainability programs, data calculations and management, the definition of objectives, and investor requests / annual statements.

2. Benchmarking, risk and opportunity assessment - sustainability risk assessments at portfolio and property level focusing on climate, water, biodiversity, socio-economic and regulatory risks; as well as comparing current energy, water and carbon performance against competitors and identifying opportunities for improvement/cost savings.

3. Greenview Portal. This is a robust sustainability management system designed specifically for properties, providing a comprehensive yet intuitive system for your green champion and team. The Portal saves time and accelerates progress by offering easy tracking and reporting capabilities, whether for a single property or an entire portfolio of properties. The portal is GSTC recognized, which means that its content and system are aligned with GSTC criteria.

The reason why we have selected Greenview as a trusted supplier is the following: Greenview knows exactly what needs to be done to increase scores and become listed in Newsweek Green Rankings, GS Sustain, Bloomberg ESG, and many others. They help companies complete this process and improve scoring and ranking. More importantly, they help you understand which rating matters based on your company's goals.

Moreover, they are the first to adhere to the same ESG principles that they advise their clients on. They offset carbon emissions from travel (not much at the moment, sadly!).

They also differ as a company from many others: Greenview is a certified Latin-owned Minority Business Enterprise in the United States, is 50% owned by women, and the global workforce is mostly non-white, which includes nationalities such as Indian, Korean, Japanese, Black, Latin, Tamil Malay, and Ethnic Chinese; and 75% of top executives are women and 75% are not white.

This is to underline the intensity of the value they give to the diversity of cultures, especially in the workplace, but even more so as a universal message to all of us.

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