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What is Suites Lago Resort doing to lead the environmental sustainability in Minorca, Spain?

What is Suites del Lago Resort doing to lead the sustainability conversation in Minorca and Spain?

The hotel project has been developed with the mindset of caring for the environment and a commitment to sustainability, thus, Lago Resort Menorca is being recognized by the owner's work to become the most sustainable hotel in Spain.

The process of transforming an old water park into a five-star eco-hotel was at least a difficulty. The owners of the Moga group approached with the same principles that guide the present and the future of this hotel: taste, elegance, and respect for the environment. The facelift has behind names such as the architect from Mahón, Nando Pons, and Eugenia Corcoy. She is responsible for having endowed everything that remains and has its origin on the island.

More than ninety suites were built with materials from the island and following the traditional local aesthetics.

The Hotel is in Cala’n Bosch. The area is where the famous Camí de Cavalls runs, a historic path used in the 14th century to defend the Menorcan coast. Today is one of the most beautiful hiking routes in Spain.

What actions are they taken to become the most sustainable resort in Spain? Let's have a look.


The sensitivity of the Cala'n Bosch resort in Minorca towards reducing environmental impact translates into a reduction of more than 50% of the carbon footprint generated. They have two main pillars, support saving in consumption. First of all, having hybrid solar panels to generate thermal and electrical energy and climate and water control in all areas. Delving into the optimization of resources, Lago Resort Menorca has implemented different technological systems that reduce the industrys' impact on the environment.

As Menorca citizens, the authentic, sustainable commitment to Menorca Biosfera has been a fundamental requirement in the entire project design. Sustainability is the present, there is an increasing need to take care of the environment, and all companies must do what is in their power to achieve it. - Lucas García, owner of the Lago Resort Menorca.

It uses a clean technology system, aerothermal energy, consisting of state-of-the-art heat pumps specifically designed for cooling in summer and heating in winter. The photovoltaic system provides enough energy to cover a substantial part of the annual energy needs and the sanitary hot water.

The electrical energy sourced from the hybrid panels becomes renewable and allows heating water in the swimming pools. The impact of this new way of consuming energy to reduce environmental shock means saving 64,219 KgCO2 / year, a figure equivalent to saving 1,690 trees each year.

"Our goal is to become the most sustainable hotel in Spain and reduce our emissions by fifty percent in all our establishments." - Lucas García, owner of the Lago Resort Menorca.

The sustainable decalogue of Lago Resort Menorca

At Lago Resort Menorca, they have embodied their sustainability commitment in the so-called ‘Sustainable Decalogue of Lago Resort Menorca’:

1. Plastic

  • Drinking water KM0

  • Garbage bags in bathrooms and bedrooms are potato starch

  • The takeaway packaging is recycled cardboard

  • The staff uniforms are made with organic cotton

  • The staff footwear of local origin with the latest technology in soles made of recycled material from the plastics of the sea

  • The gel and shampoo bottles are refillable

  • The laundry bags are made of cloth

2. Water Management

  • The hotel has a system for recovering gray wastewater from showers and sinks.

  • All this water, decanted and purified, is reused to irrigate the gardens.

  • The two-position taps control water consumption, and its cold opening system makes the boilers start only when hot water is needed.

  • The toilets also have two flush signals, and rooms incorporate modern In-Wash technology, which saves toilet paper.

3. Hot water recovery systems

  • It is possible to generate sanitary hot water with zero emissions due to the operation of the air conditioning machinery, thanks to the heat generated by the cold creation process.

4. Hotel lighting

  • The hotel uses low-consumption light bulbs, lights regulated by photocells, and presence detectors in the corridors to obtain maximum efficiency, avoiding waste.

  • In addition, investments have been made in automating the facilities so that the most appropriate and sustainable use of energy is made, avoiding consumption peaks.

5. Chlorine in swimming pools? Nah, thanks!

  • The swimming pool disinfection equipment manages to obtain water in perfect condition without chemicals. With hydrolysis, the water is purified by small discharges through copper and silver anodes.

  • With Ecofinish technology, it is not necessary to empty the pools for maintenance, so water consumption is significantly reduced.

6. Local products

  • They work with KM0 food and local artisans.

  • The resort has a “Chicken Villa” to have its own production of organic eggs from its chickens

  • They also have an organic garden that guarantees the best seasonal vegetables and fruits. Everything, using organic compost from the food consumed in the complex.

7. Efficient construction

  • The resort exteriors are wrapped in a material that guarantees maximum insulation and efficient energy use.

  • The windows and sliding doors of the terraces have climalit air chamber technology.

8. "A hotel that breathes"

  • Casas del Lago's façade is built with KRION®Eco-Active, a material capable of purifying the air. In fact, it has been proven that one square meter of this product purifies the air, necessary for 6.5 people to breathe pure air throughout the year.

9. Recycling

  • Waste. To facilitate the separation of waste, the hotel has specific garbage cans. It is then stored in large containers of recycled materials that are collected daily by a recycling company, as well as Nespresso aluminum capsules, which are also recycled.

  • The oil used in the fryers is also regenerated by a specialized company.

  • When it comes to the hotel's kitchenware, the placemats are made from recycled leather, the aprons come from recycled cotton and the coasters are made from recycled plastic chips.

  • It is worth highlighting the processing of organic waste from the resort, aimed at producing compost that will later be used in the “Huerto del Lago”, thus avoiding the use of chemical fertilizers and fertilizers.

10. Awareness

  • They have chargers for electric vehicles in their facilities. The hotel has incorporated a plug-in hybrid Peugeot Expert van to transport guests. Thus, they manage not only to reduce CO2 levels, but also to achieve maximum levels of comfort and less noise for guests and residents of the island of Menorca.

  • Suites del Lago has the Biosphere Responsible Tourism, Menorca Biosphere Reserve, and Cycling Friendly certification, which promotes an environmentally friendly style of travel.

Eugenia has used native vegetation of the island, such as prickly pears or wild olive trees, that dominate the vicinity of the pools. There is a shower in the shape of a Talayotic monument. Talayotic monument dates back almost four thousand years in antiquity, which is one step away from being included on the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

And yes, if you are a Foodie, you have to taste it!

Godai uses local products with Japanese cuisine technics.

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