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The Hotel Sustainability Academy
  • The Hotel Sustainability Academy



    Dive into thirteen comprehensive Modules designed to empower accommodation teams and hospitality professionals with the latest strategies, tools, and resources to implement sustainability practices.


    From circularity in operations to community engagement, our expert-led modules provide actionable insights to drive environmental and social impact while enhancing guest experiences. Designed for newcomers and professionals alike, this bundle offers a deep dive into the critical areas of sustainability in the hospitality industry. 


    Why Choose the Hotel Sustainability Academy?


    • Cost-Effective: Save by purchasing this bundle instead of individual courses and inefficient onsite training.
    • Expert-Led: Courses are designed and led by industry experts in sustainable hospitality.
    • Flexible Learning: Access at your own pace the modules, anytime, anywhere.


    How to access it?

    Upon successful purchase, you'll receive an email with instructions on how to access the courses. Simply log in to our platform and start learning!


    Learning Outcomes 


    🍒 Create a hotel circularity plan
    ✔ Understand equity in hotel operations
    🏖 Improve guest engagement, experience, and communication
    🌏 Create a hotel biodiversity conservation plan
    🏢 Rethink energy consumption (reduce and eliminate GHG emissions)
    📔 Prevent harassment and improve human rights education
    🥙 Improve supply chain decision-making and selection process
    🤼 Improve collaboration mechanisms
    📲 Learn about the technology available
    🔊 Learn how and where to communicate sustainability initiatives
    🔌 Learn about how to future-proof hotels
    ❤️ Mental health awareness



    For big teams, please contact with  


    From hotel operations and supply chain management to human rights and leadership, gain the foundational knowledge you need to make a positive impact!




    "Hospitality is a true family and I am very grateful to Maribel Esparcia Pérez and European Sustainable Hospitality Club for this opportunity to learn about such an important topic in our everyday lives. Highly recommend to all!"

    - Custodio Barreiros


    • Download the Brochure

    • Modules

      Content Outiline 

      • MODULE 1: Hotel  Operations & Sustainability 

      • MODULE 2: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

      • MODULE 3: Supply Chain Management (SSCM)

      • MODULE 4: Sustainable F&B Operations

      • MODULE 5: Sustainability & Leadership

      • MODULE 6: ESG in Hospitality

      • MODULE 7: ICT and Sustainable Hospitality

      • MODULE 8: Sustainable Communications

      • MODULE 9: Human Rights in Hospitality

      • MODULE 10: Hospitality & Regeneration 

      • MODULE 11: Sustainable Animal Husbandry and Green Zone 

      • MODULE 12: Mental Health in the Hospitality Industry

      • MODULE 13: Climate Action in Hotels



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