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Sustainability Impact Matrix

Business Materiality Assessment

The Matrix, helps visulize materiality assessment findings. It is a tool for companies to spot issues in the business value chain and to take ongoing action by prioritising them.

It lets you assess each issue's impact on the business and the importance in has to your stakeholders. It also highlights existing and emerging issues, and provides a check on whether the company is disclosing information and being transparent in the right areas.​

Every hospitality business is impacted by macro forces (trends and events that shape our business conditions and the role of business within that context). We have to be able to monitor these trends to make sure that the company strategy and plans are fit for the future and, thus, we assess effectively their impact on our material issues.

Creation Date

Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Last Update

Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Key Outcomes

What you will learn from this document is:

1. How to prioritize materiality areas and risks.
2. How to spot issues in the business value chain.
3. Identify megatrends that are part of the current external factors.
4. Assess the overall business impacts

Download the file here:

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